Aik Leong Plumbing

About Us

Aik Leong Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd was set up in 1990, specializing in underground pipe jacking works for sewer lines and other services.

Keeping abreast of modern technology and innovations specially in pipe jacking and sewer projects, Aik Leong Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd uses the Micro Thrust Borer - A Trenchless Underground Pipelaying Technique to lay pipelines and using the Sanwa Horizonger Mircro-Tunnelling Machine SH355-TS & SEH508, Rasa DH-FS400/500, Rasa DH600, Rasa DH1200, Rasa DH1500-1800 & Iseki TCC 800-900 RCM Slurry Pipe Jacking Machine or Horizontal Boring Machine to lay more than 30 Kilometers of underground piplines. The Sanwa Horizonger Boring Machine is a “ No Dig ” construction technique for underground pipeline laying which has made great progress in the modernization of public facilities including sewer, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications.

Backed by more than seventeen years of experience in pipe -jacking and sewer works, Aik Leong Plumbing Construction have been doing projects fro private sectors as well as government bodies such as Public Utilities Board (PUB), Housing & Development Board (HDB), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Land Transport Authority (LTA) etc and importantly, Aik Leong has a team of experienced personnel who has expertise in this field of Civil Engineering works. To-date, 7 sets of jacking machine with complete set of accessories and 7 team of experienced site personnel in full operation in which monthly production ranges from 150m to 1800mm.

Aik Leong Plumbing Construction was established to provide special services in Underground pipe jacking works. Mr. Toh Heng Poh, who has more than Twenty years of experience in the field was recruited to head the operations of the subsidiary. Aik Leong Plumbing Construction has since completed successfully ten major pipe jacking projects as main contractor, and many smaller projects as sub-contractors.

With todays rapid advancement in the field of Civil Engineering, Aik Leong Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd can ensure the reliability and success of all its endeavors.