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We specializes in all kinds of sewers, steel sleeves, V.C. & R.C. Pipe Jacking, Jet Grouting Works, Water Storage Tank, and Large ERSS work for Roads and Drains.

Nature of Business (Pipe Jacking)
Pipe jacking (also called microtunneling) is a micro-to small-scale tunneling method for installing undergruond pipelines with minimum surface disruption.

Commonly used for Sewage and drainage construction, sewer replacement and lining, gas and water mains, oil pipelines, electricity and telecommunications cables, and culverts.

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Jet Grouting is a method of ground reinforcement that unlike classical forms of grouting that permeate through the soil uses high kinetic energy in the form of a high velocity jet of grout to breakdown the soil structure and simultaneously mix cement grout with the in-situ soil.

The main purpose of using Jet Grouting is to increase the soil strength and reduce ground deformation, recudes soil permeability and to treat the ground, when other methods of grouting simply are unsuitable.

Earth Retaining and Stabilising Structures (ERSS) works for Roads & Drains

Refers to any structure, structural system or other means to used to maintain the shape of excavation during construction, earth filling or cutting.

Often including design for basement construction and retaining wall purpose such as Sheet Pile design and Strutting Design, CPB all design, Secant Pile Wall Design and Slope Design.